Módulo RF SI4432

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Modulo RF SI4432

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1.ultrathin small
2.harmonic notes passed FCC/CE certification
3. strong ability to penetrate
4 .ses the American SI4432 the latest version of IC, stable performance
Frequency range: 433.92M
High sensitivity up to 121dBm
Maximum output power: 20dBm
Data transfer rate: 0.123256kbps
FSK, GFSK and OOK modulation mode
1.8-3.6 V power supply
Ultra low power off mode
The digital received signal strength indicator (RSSI)
Timing wakeup function
Automatic antenna matching and bidirectional switch control
Configurable data packet structure
Before the synchronization signal detection
64 bytes RX data register (FIFO)
Low power testing
Temperature sensing and 8 bit analog to digital converter
Operating temperature range: -20~ +60 C
Integrated voltage regulator
Frequency hopping
Power on reset function
Built in lens adjustment function
Más Información:
Definición de Pines:
1 CND power supply
2 GPIO0 internal module, launch control foot
3 GPI01 internal access module to accept control foot
4 GPIO2 directly connected to the chip GIIO2 pin
5 VCC positive supply 3.3V
6 SDO 0VDD V digital output provides a serial readback function of the internal control register
7 SDI serial data input. 0VDD V digital input, this pin for 4wire serial data clock function
8 SCLK serial clock input. 0VDD V last month set of inputs. This pin provides a 4wire serial data clock function
9 NSEL serial interface select input pin,0VDD V digital input. This pin to 4wire serial data bus select / enable function, this signal is also used, said write mode.
10 NIRQ interrupt output pin
11 SDN Close the input pin. Input 0VDDV digital. SDN = 0 in shutdown mode, so mode
12 GND access power ground
13 ANT 50 ohm coaxial antenna


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